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United States Reports

The Cardinal-Hickory Creek High Voltage Transmission Line and the Town of Vermont, Dane County, Wisconsin, prepared by J. David Stanfield

A History of Relationships Between the Oneida Tribe of Indians and the Village of Hobart, prepared by J. David Stanfield and Leland Wigg-Ninham

The Uses of a Modified Talking Circle for Encouraging Dialogue Among Oneida and Hobart Community Members, prepared by Leland Wigg-Ninhan and J. David Stanfield

Notes on the History of Menominee Land Tenure and Management, by J. David Stanfield

Building Bridges Program: A Progress Report, prepared by Terra Institute, 2012

Administration of Property Records in New Orleans, by J. David Stanfield et al.

The Challenges of Sudden Natural Disasters for Land Administration and Management: The Case of the Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, by J. David Stanfield et al.

Land Registration and Land Fraud in the United States, by J. David Stanfield, Jeff Underwood, Kirthimala Gunaskera and Carl Ernst

Modernizing the Register of Deeds in Dane County, Wisconsin, by Jane Licht and J. David Stanfield

A “Town” Model of Land Registration: The Case of Killingworth, Connecticut, by J. David Stanfield

Wisconsin's Crawford County Registry of Deeds and Property Listing Office, by J. David Stanfield and Jeff Underwood


Chronology of United States Reference Documents


Treaty with Menominee, 1854

Menominee Tribe of Wisconsin: Termination of Federal Supervision, 1954

Menominee Termination and Restoration - An Overview, 1954

Federal Register - 1961Termination Plan, 1961

Lakes of the Menominees - Project Review, DNR Memo, 1969

Kenote Letter to Property Owners, 1970

Agreement of Partnership Dissolution Between Menominee Enterprises Inc. and N.E. Isaacson & Associates, 1972

The Imprint of Forced Culture Change: Menominee Termination 1954-1973, by Katherine Hall

Menominee Tribe of Wisconsin Restoration of Federal Supervision, 1974

Constitution of the Menominee Nation, 1977

Legend Lake Protection & Rehabilitation District, 1992

Menominee County Finances - Wisconsin Legislative Audit Bureau Report, 1998

Legend Lake Property Owners Association Beach Club Rules, 1998

Restrictive Covenant from Menominee County Registrar of Deeds, 2009

Notes on the History of Menominee Land Tenure and Management, by J. David Stanfield, 2010

By-Laws of the Legend Lake Property Owners Association, 2010 revision

State Tribal Relations - from Wisconsin Legislative Council Hand Book, 2011

A Chronology of Events Affecting the Tenure of Lands in the Legend Lake Development, Menominee Reservation/Menominee County, prepared by J. David Stanfield, 2010

Legend Lake Map