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Land Administration Reports

Guidelines for Strengthening the Administration of Property Rights in Land, by J. David Stanfield

Creation of Land Markets in Transition Countries: Implications for the Institutions of Land Administration, by J. David Stanfield

International Property Rights Index (IPRI) 2009 Annual Report, foreword by J. David Stanfield

Notes on a Base Organization Strategy for Rural Development, by J. David Stanfield

Rural Land Titling and Registration in Latin America and the Caribbean: Implications for Rural Development Programs,
by J. David Stanfield

Land Registration Modernization in Developing Economies: A Discussion of the Main Problems in Central/Eastern Europe, Latin America, and the Caribbean, by Grenville Barnes, J. David Stanfield, Kevin Barthel

Review of Tenure Terminology courtesy of the Land Tenure Center/University of Wisconsin - Madison, by John W. Bruce, courtesy of the LTC

A Strategy for Addressing Property Rights, by J. David Stanfield

Who Owns Your Land, by Raleigh Barlow, June, 1977

Immovable Property Registration Systems: Hopes and Fears,
by J. David Stanfield

Land Tenure Work Takes Vermont Resident on Global Trek,
by Ray Anderson

Social Embeddedness, Institutions for Rural Land Management and Land Grabbing: The Cases of Afghanistan and Brazil,
by Bastiaan Philip Reydon