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Albania Reports

Immovable Property Registration Systems in Transition Countries: A Reassessment with Special Reference to Albania, by J. David Stanfield

Action Plan For Protecting Albania's Natural Resources,
by James G. Bockheim

Review of the Institutional and Organizational Arrangements of the Offices of the IPRS and the PMU In Albania, by John Manthorpe

Legal Analysis of Various Issues Involved In the Registration Of Urban Immovable Property In Albania, by Norman J. Singer

Broadening Urban Research Activities of IPRS/PMU In Albania,
by Harold Lemel

Proposal To Study the Economic and Environmental Benefits Of Reducing Soil Erosion In Albania, by James G. Bockheim

Legal and Institutional Framework For Land Protection In Albania,
by Dean T. Massey

Development Of A Law On the Public Ownership Of Properties In Albania,
by Dean T. Massey

Assessment of the IPRS Offices in Albania, by Helen Schutten

Study Of Vaqarr Comuna, by Harold Lemel

Tenure Security and Investment Patterns Among Properties in the IPRS Urban Property Survey, by Harold Lemel

IPRS-FIG Presentation: The Creation of an Immovable Property Registration System in Albania, by J. David Stanfield

Multi-Unit Apartment Buildings in Albania, by J. David Stanfield and Aftan Dervishi, with Romeo Sherko

The Evolution of Immovable Property Registration in Albania,
by J. David Stanfield and Sonila Jazo

The registrar’s office remained busy with first registrations in Tirana, Albania